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3D Modeling

All models can be found at my github repository here.

So in the last 2 months, I’ve done a great number of 3D models for my electronics projects. I felt like each of my project should fit inside a shell, even if it was an ugly looking one. I’ve built several bicycle mounts, wall mounts, and project casings to hold my little homebrew gadgets.

I should also note that most of these went through many many revisions. Many were failures right out of the door because they didn’t fit, had improper scale, or didn’t take in account for a wire or battery. Sadly I don’t have models of the failures, but the failures were probably as interesting as the final product.

The models:

This was my first bike mount model, not a very fancy design, but one can see the light aperture near the top, the cavity for the pcb in the middle, and a battery mount at the end.

This was from my second bike light model, it involved a screw-on piece to encase the light, and the entire apparatus would fit on the steering column of the bike.

This is a simple hacker dojo logo. Should anyone want to put the logo on their designs.

The stem mount was for the first bike light. It mounted the light apparatus on the stem of the handlebars.

I built a usbtiny equivalent avr programmer, and this was the shell to encase the pcb. On one end a usb cable comes out, the other contained the 6 pin female header.

This is a rear light mount that would fit on the seat post of the bike.

I needed a 2mm 4 pin connector. I only had the usual 2.54mm pin connectors so those cables wouldn’t fit. It was pretty remarkable that I could just print my own cable headers to make things work.

This was a battery case for one of my earlier electronics projects.

This is an actual thing that sits next to my door and will open the door when I scan my rfid badge. The flanges that come out of the device help me mount it on the wall.

When we bought new spools of plastic for the makerbot, we realized the old spool holders no longer fit and thus required me to engineer a new spool holder that had the proper dimensions for the spool.

I created an rfid spoofer on my previous projects and wanted to create a case for it.

We lost a foot on the makerbot so the best way was to engineer a replacement with the makerbot itself!


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