So I started blogging again

Writing is hard

So I started blogging again, hopefully I can keep it going. I’m not great at writing about tech stuff, but hopefully it will improve with practice.

Taking a break

I’m taking a break from freelancing soon, so hopefully I’ll be able to make good use of the time to dabble in stuff I’m unfamiliar with to broaden my scope on all things technology. I do spend quite a bit of my time writing useful libraries, but rarely do these things get published. Publishing work is hard because it requires polishing the work so that others can make use of it, so usually the cool code I do never gets used by other people. I’m hoping to change this by blogging more, writing about my code, and spending more time doing stuff that probably doesn’t benefit me immediately.

My brief history in code

Before I graduated from college, I hacked in so many different languages, from smalltalk to vhdl, but my first job changed all that. My first job involved writing a visual programming language in java with a drag ‘n drop interface. I spent so much time doing only java that I ignored all other languages and lost my passion for programming. Fortunately, I moved out to the bay area and worked for several startups where I regained my passion for programming and became much more versed in all things tech. Although I’ve become quite decent at higher level languages, I’m hoping to spend some time honing my weaker lower level languages. I recently acquired quite a bit of hardware gadgetry which I’ll be blogging about later.

Published: August 03 2012

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